Jaie’s specialties

Gastrointestinal “Gut” Health

Proper gut function is key to overall health. If you aren’t digesting, absorbing and eliminating properly then it’s nearly impossible to achieve optimal health. A naturopathic approach includes removing individual food sensitivities and improving function while reducing symptoms.

Dermatology Skin Health

Naturopathic medicine shines at dermatology because we don’t just suppress symptoms, but rather seek to find and correct the underlying causes of skin conditions. A naturopathic approach includes improving internal function while finding the best topical approaches.

Immune & Autoimmune Issues

Seventy percent of your immune system is in your digestive system, so it’s no surprise that a naturopathic approach will include improving gut health! Identifying and removing food sensitivities can reverse autoimmune conditions and reduce allergies.


A cancer diagnosis can be frightening and the treatment options can be overwhelming. I can help you navigate the world of medicine while supporting the whole body and mind at the same time. Together we can better prepare for treatments, manage side effects during treatment, and then help prevent recurrence.
  • Before Treatment

  • During Treatment

  • After Treatment

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Hormones are chemical messengers that help control almost everything, from energy, weight, skin, sleep, and of course fertility. The symptoms can look like other things and lab work can be tricky to decipher, I can help you identify the underlying imbalance. Gentle and long-lasting diet and lifestyle changes, along with herbal and nutritional supplements can balance and restore the endocrine systems.


In today’s society we are all struggling to balance overwhelming demands. This imbalance can cause anxiety, sleep disruption and worsening of any physical symptom. In addition to helping create and maintain better stress management techniques, herbs and nutrition are very helpful at restoring balance.


Naturopathic doctors are trained in herbal medicine, nutritional supplementation and pharmaceuticals. We are the best people to help you decide which supplements are right for you and at what dosing.

Food as Medicine

This is a popular phrase that recognizes the role of diet in overall health. Diet alone can’t cure most illnesses, but the foods we choose to eat can play a big role in our health. Making proper food choices every day is paramount.