Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions? Here are answers!

Unfortunately in the state of Pennsylvania naturopathic doctors are not yet licensed as primary or specialty providers so I am not able to bill insurance. An HSA (health savings account) or Flex Spending are payment options.
Since naturopathic doctors aren’t licensed in Pennsylvania I’m not able to do blood draws and order lab work. Sometimes I do recommend tests that you can collect at home, things like stool, urine or finger stick tests.
During the first appointment, we will talk about your health history, find out about your diet, stress levels, use of tobacco and alcohol, and discuss why you’re there. I’ll work with you to set up a customized health plan. This plan will include our goals and general time line as well as food, lifestyle and supplement recommendations.
I wish there was a way to predict how frequently and how many times we need to meet to adjust and update the health plan – but I won’t be able to guess until we talk in person.
Not at the current time. Naturopathic doctors are not recognized in the state of Pennsylvania has primary care providers.
Everyone is different and everyone’s body reacts in different ways to certain conditions. Nearly every body will improve by incorporating naturopathic principals into their daily lives. The best predictor of success is how willing and motivated you are to make change and stick to it!
If your medications are working for you, then I won’t make you stop them. Patients often find the need for their prescription medications decrease as their health improves. I will coordinate with your prescribing doctor to decrease or discontinue your dose as necessary.
Nope, this is outside my scope in Pennsylvania.
Both MDs and NDs are trained to prevent, diagnose and treat disease. The difference is that a Medical Doctor will diagnose and treat the symptoms using primarily pharmaceutical drugs and sometimes surgery. A Naturopathic Doctor will diagnose and treat the whole person, looking for the underlying cause of the symptoms, and then treat the person using a variety of natural therapies.
Homeopathy is one modality that some Naturopathic Doctors use. Homeopathy is a specific type of energetic medicine. Naturopaths learn about homeopathy but Homeopaths do not learn about naturopathic medicine necessarily, unless they attend naturopathic college. A homeopathic remedy is a sugar pellet with the energy of certain substances. There is a lot of skepticism regarding homeopathy and it is commonly mistaken for Naturopathic Medicine.

I am a Naturopathic Doctor and sometimes I use homeopathic remedies.