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Childhood Vaccine Workshop

Jaie offers education about childhood vaccines, but is not able to be your child’s pediatrician.

Every other month, Jaie leads a two hour research-based workshop that empowers parents to make vaccine choices that are right for their own family. Working hard to remain balanced, Jaie maintains a moderate approach to vaccination. The workshop includes an introduction to the immune system, a review of each vaccine and related infection and includes tips about making your child less susceptible to infection.

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I love your approach. You don’t preach you educate. –TC

Thank you! For your honest and personal opinion. –TS

Very comprehensive! Great coverage of a lot of ground in the available time. Thanks for your honesty and nuance about all the complexities and unknowns. –CH

Everyone that I talked to after the meeting was saying how nice it was to hear an honest, informative approach to vaccines. The big message that resonated with everyone was that what may be right for one, is not right for all….which is something we don’t hear very often in the medical community. –LP

This was wonderful! Thank you! –V

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